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Business advice and planning

A good business idea needs a good business plan with sound financial information and a strategy to make the idea become a reality.

Preparing your business plan

Most start-up businesses will need funding and a business plan not only allows you to see if the idea can be profitable but it also allows a bank or any lending provider or potential investors to understand your idea and how the business will shape itself.

Business plans need to be clear but should explain:  The line of work you are going to be in, the gap in the market, where you will fit in this marketplace, what the goals and objectives of the business will be,  what your unique selling points are, sales forecast that will show that the idea can become an interesting prospect...

We help turn your vision and goals into clear and practical plans, implement those plans and analyse progress as you grow your business.

We know that most people who set up or run a business are determined and driven. They have goals and work tirelessly to reach them; their dedication and passion is second to none and they often work long hours.

But sometimes it can be difficult to know where best to focus your energies or it can be disappointing when it seems like huge amounts of hard work aren’t actually achieving very much. If you’ve ever felt like that, we can help.

We start by finding out about you. Your goals, your hopes, your big ideas etc; but also your fears,  your worries and the barriers that are in your way. It’s a process that can only start when we first meet you and which will always be continuing, but from that very first conversation we’ll be thinking about what works well in your business and what doesn’t. We will like to consider the issues that you have some control over and the ones you don’t and we will draw on our experience and expertise to consider options that you may never have thought of. We will challenge and encourage you to step out of your comfort zone if you are struggling with facing a difficult issue and we will inspire you with projections of where you could be.

We make specific, understandable suggestions and once your initial strategic and tactical planning has been completed, we can set up detailed action plans and help with their implementation.

It may be new systems to make you more efficient, or a complete review of your cash flow management. Maybe you need help with how to motivate your staff or change your business’s culture to one that’s more productive. Or maybe you need detailed planning for how to grow your business, analysing the options available for expansion, the projected returns for each and how you might finance the big project.

Once the decisions have been made and the changes have been started, the third part of the cycle needs to begin – reviewing what’s been implemented. This is vital to ensure that your efforts aren’t being wasted, you need to know if things aren’t going as you had hoped so that changes can be made early on, before time and money has been wasted. So, we ensure that the correct information is recorded and perform the analysis required to give you the information you need.

Our analysis, strategy and planning support can be part of your Accountancy Package or we can provide ad hoc help, as and when you need us.

Cash Flow Forecasting

A cash flow projection is probably one of the most important management reports as it shows how cash is expected to flow in and out of the business and how much capital investment your business needs.

These reports are typically required by lenders when you want to borrow money and can assist in the successful running of your business.

Our Accountants can provide an accurate and comprehensive service specifically tailored to suit your business’ and/or lenders’ requirements.

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